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Eco-Friendly Phone Case

Organic Case Mountain Stone

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First of its kind in the world eco-friendly phone case made from 100% real cut natural stone. Amazing natural feeling. Provides a great grip and maximum protection. Works perfectly with wireless charging.

Have you ever dreamed of escaping into the mountains while sitting in your city apartment or office? Now you can experience the peaks yourself, wherever you go, with this real mountain stone case.


Back cover: 100% real cut natural stone

Frame: recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane (SGS certified non-toxic production)


Caution: to prevent damage to the natural coating, do not expose your phone case to water/moisture and sharp objects.

Snap on/snap off: the case is best removed by dislocating the top right, then top left corner (looking at the screen). As the last step, grab the phone and slide it out of the case.


This product ships to: all EU countries

Processing time: 1–2 business days

Shipping time: 2–9 business days